Sanford Hinden

I am available for
workshops and speaking
on topics leading to more fulfilling living.


“If you are looking to be in a better world, or at least wanting to know what positive people are doing in the world to make it a better place, follow Sanford Hinden’s guidance. The years this man has studied peace and enlightened living is extraordinary.  He can bring you a lifetime of good values and ethics that should not be missed. In a world of chaos and selfishness, you can pass these teachings onto to all ages, especially our younger generation.  He provides a foundation of good values, showing there is a better way to live.”
John G. Cohan

One of the lessons I learn over and over again is "Don't go to the hardware store for a loaf of bread or a container of milk"... It seems like the most important lesson for me.  I learned that I can never have my needs for warmth, kindness and fun met with people who don’t have them, or won’t share them with me.  Instead, I can practice each day taking care of my physical and emotional needs by being kind, warm, loving and fun with myself, and then sharing them with people who are able and willing to share their warmth, kindness and happiness with me.  I have to do this one-day-at-a-time.
~ Sandy Hinden     

The world is filled with so many ways to become addicted. Many people have  become addicted to Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Technology, Media, Money, Status, Power and even Violence. If you would like me to present a program on how to help free people from addictions, you can contact me here.
~ Sandy Hinden