Sanford Hinden

“Sanford Hinden is one of the most humane, compassionate, loving human beings I have ever met. He speaks and acts from deep wisdom about what people need and what the world needs now.  I trust him and have learned immensely from him.”
Ronald Gross, Co-chair
University Seminar on Innovation

“It was a pleasure to meet you and greet
you in person. Once again, thank you for providing a great program. We all benefited from your knowledge. You managed to hold our interest from beginning to end. The role-playing really added to the experience. Several people in the audience have thanked me for having such a wonderful program.
I hope you had fun.” 
Edie Kalickstein, Program Director
Long Beach Library

“All the participants enjoyed your presentation about the need for LOVE: self-love and self-care; improving interpersonal relations; love in families; the kindness and compassion people receive in their communities in schools, libraries and hospitals; and people’s love for the arts, literature, nature, the universe and its source. Thank you for such a comprehensive presentation and facilitating such a meaningful conversation.”       
Laura La Sala, Principal
PS 89Q, Elmhurst, NY


 “Thanks for a wonderful workshop experience. The conversations, the graphics and the handouts all worked to improve my sense of self and others, as we better learn how to communicate with peace and love in our hearts. The model of Parent-Adult-Child process is one I have experience with. Your synopsis was well taken, as is the notion of its importance in developing skill sets for improved personal and interpersonal communication and love.”

Chuck Perretti, Workshop Participant
Setauket, NY