Sanford Hinden

"Sandy, keep spreading the word.  The word is Love and it's the most important word in the world – and our only hope for peace and survival. There are not enough people talking about what's so vital for our planet – Love."
Gary Rosenberg
Author, Graphic Designer

"If everybody would read 7 Keys to Love, it would be a wonderful world."
Mike Morales
Construction Worker

"I hope 7 Keys to Love will lead to many invitations to give talks and organize workshops. 
There is indeed nothing more important in this world than to find love, and practice it. Thank you for helping people, theoretically and practically, in this great task."
Dr. Peter van den Dungen
Founder and Coordinator,
International Network of Museums for Peace

“Sandy Hinden has written an amazing, powerful, compassionate and important book for our times!  I have been awed, inspired, encouraged, and enlightened by the diversity of his knowledge, experience and insights.  He has produced a masterful, practical, and essential work on Love in all its aspects as a force for Healing in the world.  He has shown that through healing ourselves first through Love, we can go on to heal our personal and work relationships, our communities, and, ultimately, the world.
      Sandy Hinden has combined a deep understanding of psychology and spirituality with a practical hands-on methodology for how to do this.  The years of dedication he has given to work in the areas of world peace, ecology, and non-violent communication has culminated in this wonderful work.
      The title 7 Keys to Love ~ Opening Love's Door to Joy & Well-being truly describes what can happen when we implement these keys.  The Workshops he offers to put these teachings into practice ourselves, in families, in relationships, and in communities are great tools that need to be given around the country and world in schools, churches, community centers, prisons, hospitals, etc..
      I am re-reading the book and have ordered ten copies to give to friends
and colleagues!”
Dr. Judith Alstadter
Concert Pianist, Music Educator
Workshop / Retreat Facilitator

"The one thing everyone desires, the best gift you can ever give to your family, the foundation for a happy family, is LOVE.  Unconditional love is often hard to practice on a day-to-day basis and it is now possible with the 7 Keys to Love by author and speaker Sandy Hinden."
Barbara Gaughen Muller
President, Santa Barbara Chapter
United Nations Association

"I am so impressed with your book 7 Keys to Love. I read it, then put it down, then read it again. I keep it, not by the bed, but in the bed! Relationships are often tenuous... but you write about the 'ideal' and of course, this is something to be devoutly wished."
Marilyn Michaels
Actress, Vocalist, Humorist

"Sandy Hindan’s book 7 Keys to Love is about love for all. The youth of America and the world need information about this important subject – love – that is not part of the school curriculum (yet).  Remember the song ‘I want to know what love is. I want you to show me.’  Youth want more information about this most important aspect of life.  7 Keys to Love provides it. It corrects mistakes early, when two people are in love, providing fast, critical understand of values and skills.  I suggest all youth, parents and grandparents purchase 7 Keys to Love and all teachers and school administrators be trained in 7 Keys to Love.It is knowledge that takes some of us a lifetime to learn."
Martin Danenberg
Educational Consultant

"Uplifting and refreshing for the soul, 7 Keys to Love is the book everyone should have on the bookshelf, to refer to over and over again."
Jaci Clement
Executive Director
Fair Media Council

"The 7 Keys to Love should be mandatory reading for humans! Why isn't this the text book for a class some point between 1st and 12th grade you must take a few times?  If more people read this book, and used the information in their daily living, we would all be a lot happier. I loved this book and it should be a must read for everyone. Great job Sandy."
Tom Cavanagh
Producer, Vocalist, Musician

"I strongly encourage teens and adults who want to make this world a better place read 7 Keys to Love - Opening Love's Door to Joy and Well-being.  Sandy will show you how to enrich yourself through finding compassion for yourself and others in your community, and in your circle of family and friends. He shows you how to extend that love to nature and enhance your creativity."
Mary Donohue, RN, M.S. Ed.


7 Keys to Love book is THE book this year and every year! What can one ask for more than LOVE? Love in between individuals, Love in all its shapes. The answers to all our questions are waiting for us right in the heart of Sanford Hinden’s book. Once you read this precious content, your daily life with your own self, your partner, your community, the world, will get much better. Don’t even think twice, we all NEED some loving, some guidance, sometime… Make yourself and others a gift: have those 7 Keys to Love and unlock the doors of PEACE in the world!”
Tatiana Kesrouani
Visual Communication Designe
TKDesign, Lebanon

"7 Keys to Love is the best pathway I know to emotional prosperity."
Mel Glazer, Songwriter, Educator