•   We Wish for Peace

Personal Development

  •   Choices From Your Wiser Self
  •   Recovery Resources 1,2,3
  •   Simplicity for Abundant Living & Loving
  •   Gaining Inner-Peace
  •   Positive Thinking for Seniors
  •   Positive Thinking for Parents
  •   Meeting Your Inner Wise One
  •   Mindfulness, Meditation and Wisdom in 10 (minutes a day)
  •   Meaningful, Purposeful Living
  •   Self-Esteem, Self-Love & Self-Care
  •   Positive Habit Improvement
  •   New Goals, Planning & Implementation

Relationship Enhancement

  •   Toward a Happier World
  •   The Art of Conversation 
  •   The Power of Nurturance
  •   Couple Communication
  •   Teen Communication
  •   Family Communication
  •   Feel More Love Every Day
  •   How To Have the Love We Want
  •   New Goals, Planning & Implementation

Staff Development

  •   Team Communication Skills
  •   Conflict Resolution Skills
  •   Enjoyable Customer Service Skills
  •   How Positive Is Your Workplace
  •   New Goals, Planning & Implementation
  •   Human Relations Skills for Professional and Technical Staff


I provide programs for libraries, businesses, schools and organizations to help people improve their thinking, feel better, change habits, improve their communication and relationships, and fulfill more of their potential.  Effective and creative communication is the key to business and community organization success. Programs can be customized to meet the needs of your members, students and parents.

Sanford Hinden