Over the years, I have designed programs and projects to help make the world a better place. Feel free to use any of the ideas and materials to help people, families, communities, countries and the world.

Sanford Hinden

If your new or established organization needs assistance with communications, teamwork, customer relations, planning, or board, program or organizational development, I can provide these services.
I enjoy working in communities and organizations, providing development, marketing and fundraising strategy and planning. Working with creative, compassionate people of goodwill, we seek to improve society
for all,and for nature.

2017     Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity

Through Global Demilitarization, funds become available for investment in Earth, Society and Humanity in Earth Repair & Care, Infrastructure, Social Stabilization and Human Enlightenment creating Sustainable Families, Sustainable Communities and a Sustainable World. See the CEH here.

2017     National Progressive Alliance & National Progressive Economic Summit
There are so many great progressive organizations out there. ALEC provides legislation for conservatives on the State level, so progressives would gain more power by being better organized... See the prospectus

2016      Whole Earth Wise Money Network

Taking a stand for the healing and transformation in the use of money for the world.  See it here.

2016      The Council of Earth Wisdom
We need to gather wisdom to ensure the sustainability of the biosphere and protection of water, land, air and life on Earth. We are doing that here.

2016     Family & Community Media

FCM helps families and communities strengthen relationships and Improve educational, social and economic services. We develop projects and programs relevant to improving families and communities through empowering teens, adults, seniors and community leaders. 

2016       Stealth Kleptocracy

TPP ISDS system manipulation will become as dangerous as Citizens United. TPP and ISDS will lead to an investor-government Kleptocracy and elimination of national regulation of food, labor and environmental regulation. See it here...

2016      the kindheart center
A dream of a place to help the young and old, and everyone in between, feel good about themselves and others. It is a place to encourage people to be the best they can be, to be kind, and to help others and nature. It is a place to help children, teens, adults and elders feel they are wanted, appreciated and loved. See it

2016      The Sacred Earth Center

The dream of the Sacred Earth Center is to house Sacred Earth Programs, a Sacred Earth Garden, a Sacred Earth Game and a Sacred Earth Society. See it here...    

2014-2016       Lessons for Organizers

These are models and methods for raising consciousness and organizing. The first set is from 2014. It first looks at the people all around us, in business and government, who are contributing to creating a dysfunctional world. The second is from 2016, following-up on Bernie Sanders' "Revolution". This second document helps organizers develop a spiritual practice to sustain the lifelong effort to create political, economic, social and environmental justice and sustainability.  

2016       Rational & Creative Problem-Solving By Governments
Rather than the only tool of austerity, foundations can support research and development to help governments understand how to create sustainable families and sustainable, creative communities that take care of nature. See more here.

2016       Understanding & Healing the Greed Affliction
This program helps people overcome their fear of not having enough, calm their fears, open their heart, enjoy people, and become connected and one with life. 

2016       Conversations for Peace
We need to value peace, have leaders for peace, and work for peace if peace is to be more than a dream from generation to generation.  We can have Conversations for Peaceon every college campus, and in every house of worship.  Here is a letter of introduction and a program we can use to create the conversation.

2016       The National Progressive Alliance for the Future
Thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders, the STORY of what is going on in America has been told clearly. We now need to build a STRUCTURE for Progressive policy formation, legislation and election of progressive political candidates. See a letter to progressive leaders.

2016       Community Economics
From 2013-2014, I was working on Community Economics, exploring ways for communities to develop. I sent it to BERNIE SANDERS in January of 2015, and spoke with an aide of his in Washington. It seems that communities are often beyond the interest of large business.  I'm once again looking at Community Economics.    

2016      The Annual Sacred Earth Conference
Humanity needs to reconnect with a sense of the sacred with an appreciation for nature as a manifestation of the great creation of the universe.  We need an annual Sacred Earth ConferenceHere is a PDF that was further developed from the article on the Center for Humans & Nature website.

2016     The Imperative & Rapid Evolution of Human Beings on Earth
It has been said this could be the last human century. Humans are the only species ever on Earth to be able to destroy the biosphere, other species, and its own species.  Can humans grow more conscious, compassionate, collaborative and co-creative to create new systems based on sustainability?  See why it is essential and
how it might happen.

2016     Global Institute for Enlightened Leadership
Earth sustainability will be the great challenge of the future. Can humans evolve in consciousness fast enough to prevent complete destruction of the biosphere and human extinction? That is the big question. I estimate there are 1000 unenlightened, unevolved, powerful leaders in the world who are the source of the destruction. Imagine only 1000 foolish people, out of 7 billion, making decisions that end-up destroying a 4.5 billion year-old planet, in only 200 years. Imagine if we could create a
Global Institute for Enlightened Leadership.

2016    The Dynamic Power of C5
Many religious people are not open to social and economic change. They enjoy preserving their traditions, rituals, holy days, ceremonies, vestments and investments in the status quo. The Pope is trying, bless him.  Educated, successful people, who do well in the system, often become stubborn and ignore the need for social and economic change to create a sustainable world.  The people need to continue to raise consciousness and compassion, and collaborate co-intelligently and co-creatively. The
C5 System helps people and organizations.

2015     Family Creative Centers
A vision to develop a network of centers to provide a
7-step process to help families heal, communicate and actualize more of their creative potential. Families can open their lives to love, compassion and well-being.

2015     The Collective Wisdom Project
The Collective Wisdom Project seeks to help people grow in wisdom, to make better decisions for the good of humanity and the rest of nature. 

2015     The Psychology & Evolution of Power on Earth
To have a sustainable world we need to have seven levels of development and healing, beginning with the first four levels: PERSONAL, INTERPERSONAL, FAMILY and COMMUNITY.  Only then can we create enough conscious, compassionate, creative, collaborative people to create sustainability on the next three levels: REGIONAL, NATIONAL and GLOBAL.
The Psychology & Evolution of Power on Earth looks at how to begin this work.

2015     Middle East Discussion Group
The ongoing Middle East conflicts are now causing massive global migration. All people need sustainable families and communities. Many people need work. Unproductive men and women are being drawn into terrorism. Global weapons proliferation and trade is causing the intensification and expansion of conflict. The
Middle East Discussion Group meets monthly to seek to understand the needs of all parties and propose solutions.

2014     The Earth Solutions Project
In 2002, a World Bank vice-president wrote we needed to solve 20 problems in 20 years. I added 8 more problems and suggest a wiki-like interactive website for people to make contributions to solving these global issues. See the
Earth Solutions Project here. 

2013-Present     Paradise Earth Accord
Here is a vision for the Middle East that can be the beginning of paradise on Earth... the
Paradise Earth Accord

2008-Present     1000 Large Scale Desalinization Plants & Pipelines
As global ice melts on sea and land it is estimated seas will rise by 7 feet by 2100.
This would cause flooding of island nations, sections of port cities, suburban areas near beaches, railroad lines, and airports near the water, causing massive economic damage and global migration. A solution might be global desalinization plants and pipelines.  See it

2005-Present    Helping Men, Families & Communities Worldwide
In 2005, at an Interfaith Conference for Peace at the United Nations in New York City, hosted by large Muslim populated nations, I stood up in the audience and said unless there is work for men, they will continue to sell drugs, guns and sex, and many will become employed in crime, terrorism and piracy.  Men need jobs or they get into trouble.  
         Currently, there are no Programs for Men fostered by the United Nations, or by national and local governments.  As the world grows to 9-10 billion by 2050, and 12-14 billion by 2100, men will need education, training, jobs, families and community life, or they will cause increasing harm in the future – in gangs, drugs and sex trafficking, as mercenaries, in hijacking, hacking, kidnapping and terrorism. 
         I would be happy to work with governments worldwide in developing programs for men including: men's health; leadership training; work and financial development; constructive alternatives for youth instead of gangs; constructive re-entry of formerly incarcerated men into society; communication and relationship skills; and community service and mentoring.  Please contact me if there is interest  We need an
International Network to Help Men, Families & Communities. Here is a workshop to help men.  

1995-2000    Peace Museums Worldwide
From 1995-98, I worked on The Metropolitan Peace Museum for the New York City area. That led to helping affilate the
International Network of Peace Museums with the United Nations in 2000.

1979-85    Universal Children's Gardens
This was a wonderful program the United Nations loved. You can see the whole story
here. Rotary Club International published an article about one of our programs at the Albert Schweitzer Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.