Sanford Hinden

Once  upon a  time,  about 40 years ago, I was confused about love, so I started reading and compiling quotations about love.

My reading led to collecting 800 pages of quotes, I then categorized as different expressions of love: illusory love; self-love; friendly love; couple, romantic love; family, filial love, love for parents and the elderly; altruistic, platonic, community love; love for the culture and nature; love for life; love for the world, and agape, cosmic, universal love for the source and the creation.

Compiling quotes for years, I learned more and more about love's many dimensions. I called it Love's Journey as if it was the Energy of Love journeying in the universe, into the different forms of love: personal, interpersonal, through families and in communities.

I saw that the values of empathy, compassion and loving-kindness are built into our institutions of education, health, human services and cultural activities to help people heal, enlighten and grow in loving-kindness.  Humans have the capacity to care, in many ways.

After 33 years of research and writing, in 2009, I finally published the Love's Journey book as 7 Keys to Love ~ Opening Love’s Door to Joy & Well-Being.

Many people liked the book very much. You can see their comments

At this time, I am seeking to distribute 7 Keys to Love far and wide, hopefully to plant the seeds of love in our world.  

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"The need for love
lies at the very foundation
of human existence."

Dalia Lama

7 Keys to Love ~ Chapters

1. Self Love
2. Emotional Love
3. Physical Love
4. Family Love
5. Platonic Altruistic (Community) Love
6. Creative Love
7. Spiritual-Universal Love
8. The Transformational Love Process
About the Author

"I am so impressed with your book 7 Keys to Love. I read it, then put it down, then read it again. I keep it, not by the bed, but in the bed! Relationships are often tenuous... but you write about the 'ideal' and of course, this is something to be devoutly wished."
Marilyn Michaels
Actress, Vocalist, Humorist
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Donald Trump is an unwise man, lost in the material world. People like him become lost in money, power, luxury, grandeur, houses, furnishings, accessories, trips, status and elitism. Materialism.

They then walk around with blinders on to the suffering of humanity and nature. They may then manipulate and hurt others as part of the game.

Living a peaceful, simple life, helping others where you can, may not get you invited to fancy parties, glamorous events and weekend retreats, but you can live knowing you care and share, trying to create peace, helping people and the planet, where you can, one day at a time.

It is very important for us to meditate, seek wisdom, and be kind, warm and loving to our self, even if "friends" and family ignore or even abandon us.
The path of materialism won't lead you to what the mystics call the "Beloved"... the Beloved Creation, Creating with Love...

7 Keys to Love helps us understand the greater meaning and purpose of love in the world and life...

"I've come to believe that our job here on earth is to learn to love ourselves as the Creator loves us. Only then can we truly love others. Sandy Hinden observes that 'Self-love starts with valuing yourself...
It starts a chain reaction of inner appreciation leading to outer success.'
A truly transformational book that must be read at least twice, to benefit from the insights and wisdom shared."

 Frank Morrone
Lifelong Entrepreneur
and Rotarian

A Book of Wisdom About Love


When people have been hurt, rejected or put-down by others, they may feel sad or lifeless because their heart-love-compassion becomes diminished.  Remember E.T. and his heart-light?  The song reminded us to "Turn on your heart-light..." or we can become cold and closed-off emotionally from people.  With so much conflict and violence in the media and the world, we need to do inner, heart-healing work each day to bring back warm feelings of aliveness, enthusiasm and happiness, and the ability to be loving, appreciative, empathetic, compassionate and kind to ourselves and others.  Daily quiet time to get back to being in a pleasant space of self-love and self-care is so nourishing and good for our emotional and physical health.

In 7 Keys to Love we explore the timeless quest to feel appreciated and loved by another. It then goes inwardly to self-love, and then outwardly to the part love plays in families and communities, in passion for the arts and nature, and now in our struggle to create peace and sustainability on our beloved planet. It then explores agape, the love for the universe and the Source of the 70 billion trillion stars. Join Sandy Hinden for this evening as he tells the timeless story of Love’s Journey in the universe, and his and your life.         

LOVE 101
I'm available to talk with your school,
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It is all in 7 Keys to Love...

“Sandy Hinden has written an amazing, powerful, compassionate and important book for our times!  I have been awed, inspired, encouraged, and enlightened by the diversity of his knowledge, experience and insights.  He has produced a masterful, practical, and essential work on Love in all its aspects as a force for Healing in the world.  He has shown that through healing ourselves first through Love, we can go on to heal our personal and work relationships, our communities, and, ultimately, the world.
      Sandy Hinden has combined a deep understanding of psychology and spirituality with a practical hands-on methodology for how to do this.  The years of dedication he has given to work in the areas of world peace, ecology, and non-violent communication has culminated in this wonderful work.
      The title 7 Keys to Love ~ Opening Love's Door to Joy & Wellbeing truly describes what can happen when we implement these keys.  The Workshops he offers to put these teachings into practice ourselves, in families, in relationships, and in communities are great tools that need to be given around the country and world in schools, churches, community centers, prisons, hospitals, etc..
      I am re-reading the book and have ordered ten copies to give to friends and colleagues!”
Dr. Judith Alstadter, Concert Pianist, Music Educator
Workshop / Retreat Facilitator

With fifty percent of first,
sixty percent of second, and seventy percent of third marriages ending,
and fifty percent of the remaining marriages not being warm and loving,
we need more wisdom about love...