Sanford Hinden


Earth is in the final phases of "testing" humanity. If humans can't develop more Enlightened Leaders, nature will be damaged to the point of making life uninhabitable on Earth for most humans. Elites pride themselves in thinking they will continue to survive and thrive in self-protecting, pristine, enclaves and socio-economic bubbles. They may escape, but the cost will be a heartless, robotic existence.

Earth has never had a system where leaders were trained to be conscious, compassionate and creative. They have always ruled by using power and then money, often for self-serving ends, seeking profits without considering the needs of people and nature for the long-term.

If we are to survive as a species, we now need leaders who are mindful, conscious, aware and aligned with Earth and humanity as a whole.

We need leaders with creative thinking and human relations skills to work together to co-create better, more creative solutions to Earth's problems.

The program for Enlightened Leadership Development provides training including segments in:

1. Meaning-Purpose-Values

2. Meditation-Consciousness-Awareness-Mindfulness

3. New Systems

4. Development Processes

5. Compassionate Communication

6. Collaboration

7. Sustainable Goals

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"Participatory Democracy"... is only as good as the people who participate.

Today, so many people are uneducated, uninformed... unable to participate intellectually, emotionally, financially poor with no time to participate.

How can we ever get people ready, willing and able to Participate in Local Derision-making with open minds and open hearts?

Today, so many are brainwashed by religions, patriotism, parties, media... holding tightly to beliefs that structure their reality, even if those beliefs are not true.

We have to help people self-educate and open their minds and hearts, and make time to participate in
Wise Democracy Councils... see more here...

Sometimes police are required to take psychological testing
to be hired, but national leaders, with access to
massive weaponry, are not.

Historically, competing tribes
fought and conquered with clubs and spears.

Unless humans curb their ego and desire to control the world, now with nuclear weapons, humans may
blow themselves up completely.

We need Conscious, Evolved Leadership.

How "Enlightened Leadership" would develop and work...

Opposite of the Trump-Putin type leader... is one who is wiser and more concerned with the necessary enlightenment of humanity as a species.

Many people today remain uneducated and unable to think very well. We need quality education for all, producing people with critical thinking, character and compassion.

Out of that pool of more conscious, compassionate, creative people will emerge less egotistical "leaders", capable of motivating people to do their best at all levels -- global, national and local.