Sanford Hinden

We need a newly-designed economic system on planet Earth.
Until now, people didn't have the consciousness,
collaboration skills and resources to organize.

The old system was built-up
over the past 200 years to make people rich.
The new goal needs to be sustainability of the planet.
We welcome people who would
like to help create the

 to create
1. Global Demilitarization through
National Military Budget Reductions of 5% a year
 to be used for spending on
2. Human Development, Society, Earthcare and Infrastructure
that create
3. Enlightened People, Thriving Families, Creative Communities,
Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Regional Integrated Cooperation,

International Peace and a Sustainable Planet

World Mobilization for Peace
Creating World Peace through
Economics & Enlightenment

Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity seeks
to reach the highest goal we can conceive by creating a
sustainable, peaceful, fair and just global civilization
in harmony with the Earth.

The Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity
is Post-Capitalist, Post-Communist, Post-Domination, Post-Exploitation,
Conscious Economics for Earth Sustainability
and the Enlightenment of Humanity.

We welcome your involvement and creative participation.

We are forming an
International Board of Trustees
to move CEH forward.
: Sanford Hinden