Sanford Hinden

Are you going through a difficult period in your life?

Would you like to get out of a rut, become unstuck, make more progress or create a shift in your life?

If so, I provide
4-Step Coaching for Living an Enlightened Life.

It also supports improvement for couples through personal growth, and then communication and values clarification, then collaboration and co-creativity, to help create each other's dreams.

If you are willing to make effort, over a few months, you can really change.

Making the effort leads to enhanced living.

1.  CALMING:  First, I'll help you calm down with meditation. Once you calm down some, you can then learn other cognitive techniques to regulate your feelings and thinking, to stay centered and balanced, well and whole.

  CLARIFYING: We will then define what is important for you, clarifying your ideal life, preferred environment, meaning, purpose, interests, passions, vision, wishes, hopes, dreams, aspirations and directions you may want to explore. 

3.  COMMUNICATING: Then we will practice communication skills to help you express your feelings, values and needs, and make requests for what you would like in life.

4.  CREATING: We will then encourage you to stay focused on what matters most to you, and take action in the direction of your values, interests and goals, plans and  priorities. We will explore expanding your creative network of collaborators to help reach your dreams and preferences. 

I've found this process really helps people. My coaching fee is $75 an hour. We can have meetings locally or on Skype. Call or text 516-815-4967 or email me to set-up a time to talk. 

Sanford Hinden
Coach, Workshop Facilitator
Author, 7 Keys to Love




People can go through many jobs and down numerous career paths in their lives.

We all want to feel like we are flourishing and feel fulfilled.

Worklife enables us to have resources to live and to keep exploring what life offers. 

Below is a Carrer Model I created to help you understand the skills needed in career assessment and development. We can explore this together when you are ready.   


Facebook, Twitter and other social media provide tools for easy, superficial, minimalist communication. Most people use "like" or write no words. In relationships, there are 4 types of communicators:

1. Silent non-communicators
2. Minimalist communicators
3. Angry, inauthentic or confusing communicators
4. Deep, clear, authentic, compassionate communicators

Many people have difficulty feeling good in their relationships.

To have a meaningful relationship, you need to practice Deep, Clear, Authentic, Compassionate Communication, sharing your observations about life, your feelings, values and needs, and requesting what you would really like.

If you need some coaching around communication and relationships, feel free to contact me.

4-Step Coaching for Enlightened Living