Sanford Hinden

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Sanford Hinden is a self-development, relationship and communication trainer, coach and speaker. He presents educational programs in schools, libraries, community organizations and businesses to help individuals, couples, families and organizations reach their full-potential.

Sandy served in United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations for 23 years and as Executive Director for the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center for 12 years.

He is author of 7 Keys to Love ~ Opening Love’s Door to Joy & Well-being, and was given an Outstanding Advocate for the Arts Award by the Long Island Arts Council. 

Sandy graduated with a BA in Psychology with honors, Queens College, City University of New York with a second major in Interpersonal Relations and Group Facilitation.

With a background in education, health and human services, the arts, the environment, peace-building, government and business, Sandy provides consulting for organizations, businesses and not-for-profits.

If you are seeking a thought-provoking lecturer or need advice to move your company to the next level, contact Sandy Hinden. His common sense insight and understanding of how to resolve relationship problems and business concerns are insightful and level-headed.
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Sandy's work with people and organizations draws from extensive studies and experience with:

  •  Mindfulness Meditation
  •  Assertiveness Training
  •  Compassionate Communication
  •  Anger Management
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Negotiations
  •  Effective Customer Service
  •  Teamwork
  •  Emotional Release Work
  •  Dealing with Difficult People 
  •  Couples Communication
  •  Co-Counseling
  •  Community Organizing
  •  Community Development